Courtney Ripoll-McBride

About Me

  Hey! I am Courtney Ripoll-McBride I am an Bookkeeper and Financial Coach.

A little bit about me....I live in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I am married with one amazing little girl and three dogs. 

I  love learning. I have my B.S. of Accounting and A.S. of  Information Technology Management

Prior to founding Ripollsworkshop LLC I was in the Air Force for about 3.5 years. I was in the Information Technology field.

I love to connect with people and hear about how I can better serve them. Reach out to me via email or send me a DM on Instagram. 

When you look at our logo you may think why is there a dog?



Well, let me tell you why, because being different is OKAY! Money is not one-size-fits-all!

Maximus is a Bi-Eyed Siberian Husky. We chose this because we support embracing being different.

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